80 Degrees North

Life in the far north of Europe

Norbert Rosing takes you on a journey to one of the last big wilderness areas in Europe: the Svalbard archipelago, approximately 800 km north of the Scandinavian mainland. The islands are mainly covered with massive glaciers and pointed mountains.  


Icy worlds

In the realm of the polar bear

Norbert Rosing has been travelling to the North of Canada for almost 20 years to photograph and document the flora and fauna there. Especially the habitat and the life of the biggest land predator of the world, the polar bear, have fascinated him. 


Simply monochrome

The world appears in a new light through black and white photography. In his new presentation Norbert Rosing spans the arc from the Cuban rainforests, over the icefields of Spitsbergen to the gorges and forests in Germany.


Wild Germany

Natural paradises on our doorstep

"The happiness of this world lies overseas..." thought Norbert Rosing and travelled around the globe. But a few years ago he thought better of it and started taking photos in his home country. "Here, nature inspires me as much as in the USA or Canada."


My Way

Live your Dream

Dreams can come true! You only have to believe in them long enough.This is how you could describe my photographic career over the last 30 years.


Wild Yellowstone

Geysirs, canyons, wild animals

Yellowstone, a word which holds the promise of wilderness... and fulfills it. The region Yellowstone became the first national park worldwide and the “Mother of the national park idea”. For many years and through all seasons, Nobert Rosing travelled this fascinating region as animal and nature photographer.


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