The world of the polar bears

In Canada they call him "Mr. Polar Bear".

Norbert Rosing has been travelling to the Canadian North for almost 20 years to photograph and document the animals and nature of this vast country. He is especially fascinated by the habitat and life of the biggest predator in the world, the polar bear. During more than 50 trips he travelled thousands of kilometers on motor sledges, boats, helicopters, planes, ATVs and on foot through a country which knows no fences.

For almost ten years Norbert Rosing has also been visting the European Artic, Spitsbergen. On expedition ships he is looking here as well for polar bears, ivory gulls, bird colonies and the unique landscape.

The autumn transforms nature and paints the landscape in golden colours. Northern hares and foxes prepare for the approaching winter and the polar bears gather at the Hudson Bay coast waiting for the sea to freeze over. With infinite patience Nobert Rosing managed to catch intimate moments of the white giants. They fight with each other, play with branches, roll in the snow; mothers nurse their cubs. Big bears play with sled dogs. Incredible moments! Finally the sea freezes over and the bears move out onto the ice.

Nobert Rosing follows them by helicopter and catches breathtaking pictures full of graphic beauty. Ice floes in the reflecting light, on which bears are looking for seals. When the bears have left, the silent winter time begins in the North. The full mooon illuminates the nights and in the sky polar lights dance like ghosts. Nobody can escape this fascination. Goose bumps included!

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