80 Degrees North

Life in the far north of Europe

Norbert Rosing takes you on a journey to one of the last wilderness areas of Europe, the Svalbard archipelago Svalbard, approximately 800 km north of the Scandinavian mainland. The archipelago is mainly covered by massive glaciers and pointy mountains and consists of two main islands: Spitsbergen, the western and biggest part and North East Land. Summer slowly begins here in June with a midnight sun high up in the sky and an abundance of blossoms one does not expect in these high latitude. Summer already draws to a close again at the end of August, when each day is 20 minutes shorter than the one before.

Spitsbergen is also known for its impressive fauna. Norbert Rosing has explored this fascinating region on over 25 journeys during all seasons on expedition ships and on motor sledge. He had the opportunity to observe walruses, whales, polar bears, polar foxes and rare birds. This presentation comes alive through Norbert Rosing`s captivating art of narration, the colours of the landscape, the sensitively chosen music and obviously the emotional animal encounters...

The length of the presentation is about 90 minutes.

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