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Dreams can come true! You only have to believe in them long enough.

This is how you could describe my photographic career over the last 30 years. Already as a small boy I stood in front of the polar bear enclosure in Münster to watch these majestic animals. Later on, I was sitting in trees on an island for days on end to watch ducks and herons. At the begiining of the seventies, I travelled with a friend to Northern Finland by Interrail. There I experienced the vastness and the light of the North which drew me back again and again.

Nevertheless, the path to becoming a professional nature photographer was long. Flights to America were still distant dreams. I began to take pictures in Berchtesgaden and travelled to Scandinavia whenever possible. For 10 long years. Exactly 30 years ago the big leap over to Canada followed. For a 28-year old there were no limits. I bought an old car, slept in a tent, just soaking up and experiencing this huge country. At the beginning of the 90s, I travelled to Africa but realized that the Artic suited me better. I began travelling intensively to Churchill in the Hudson Bay and started to take pictures of the polar bears and the Northern lights there. I had found my calling and photographic fulfillment. Leica provided me with the perfect equipment and I began to publish my first larger series of images. I travelled twelve times to the Yellowstone National Park to photograph the magic world of the geysirs and the park in general. In 1989 the inner German wall fell. In 1990 I began to travel to observe nature in the Eastern German states. I enjoyed the pristine wilderness, eternal avenues and undeveloped beaches of the Baltic Sea. I became witness to a time of enormous changes. Much that I had learnt to love there in the early years, no longer exists.

On average I am on the road for 220 days per year. One has to love this life in order to fully realize it. Successes have to give us the motivation to go out again and again to find something new. You do not get rich but you live a rich life.

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