Wild Yellowstone

Geysirs, canyons, wild animals

Yellowstone, a word which holds the promise of wilderness... and fulfills it. The region Yellowstone became the first national park worldwide and the “Mother of the national park idea”. For many years and through all seasons, Nobert Rosing travelled this fascinating region as animal and nature photographer. He flew over steaming geysirs and hot pools, watched bears and the family life of the bisons. With his own VW camper van, which he had shipped to North America, he drove through the park for one whole year. Geysirs became his passion He waited for weeks for some of the eruptions - and caught them on camera in the best light. Deep winter, when the land lies buried under several meters of snow, is the difficult time for the animals in the park. Bisons warm themselves over hot springs and trumpeter swans gather in the few open water holes. But, the land lies there appearing spellbound. In autumn, which is really the most beautiful season, leaves change colour, it is the rutting season of the Canadian elk and the first snow falls. This time of year causes longings.

As part of his presentation Norbert Rosing will give travel and photography tips

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