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Norbert Rosing zu Gast bei "Eins zu Eins. Der Talk" in Bayern 2

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National Geographic blog article about Norbert Rosings career from photographer to godfather of a polar bear

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Norbert Rosing übernimmt Patenschaft für junges Eisbärenbaby - Es trägt den Namen"NOBBY"

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Newest publication!

Completely new edition of the book appeared in 2000 with new images, new texts and many geysers. 

Published in March 2014.

New stamps "Wildes Deutschland" Flussaue im Unteren Odertal & Pfälzerwald - Teufelstisch

Two special stamps for the series “Wild Germany“ have been created with photographs by Norbert Rosing.


Join Norbert Rosing to the beautiful sites of Germany in this video >>